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Multifamily Housing

Affordable Housing & Tax Credit Transactions

Our team has intimate knowledge of how low-income and historic rehabilitation tax credit programs work, with proven efficiency helping tax credit syndicators, developers and lenders successfully negotiate and complete such transactions. We work with clients to determine project eligibility, evaluate risk, monitor program compliance and structure transactions to protect and maximize return on their investments.

Our experience and process-proficient approach allow us to confidently guide our clients through the steps required to realize the benefit of affordable housing and new markets tax credits. Further, we seek to minimize the risk of tax credit recapture through the development of, and adherence to, clear due diligence review guidelines.

Key Contacts

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Amy F. Curry


Louisville, KY

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Amy J. Burnette


Louisville, KY

Indianapolis, IN

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Our team offers pointed and practical solutions to issues unique to affordable housing development.

Low-Income Housing

Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

Our tax credit syndicator and financial institution clients operate nationwide, providing the capital necessary for the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing. We advise them through and facilitate their engagement with the developer partner, carefully designing the new partnership’s profit and loss allocation structure with an emphasis on flexibility for our client.

We are also experienced in representing low-income housing developers. No matter the role of our client, we collaborate with other transaction parties, utilizing a team-based approach to monitor and accomplish due diligence milestones in order to reach goals in an efficient manner.

Historic Rehabilitation

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits

Many of our clients are actively involved in projects seeking to revitalize buildings that are listed on the National Historic Register or are located in a historic district. We routinely work with developers, lenders and investors pursuing HTCs, leading, documenting, negotiating and successfully closing transactions.

Often, these historic rehabilitation tax credits are paired with low income housing tax credits or new markets tax credits, a strategy which maximizes the return for our clients. This coupling of multiple types of tax credits also raises unique compliance issues and requires careful construction of the partnership agreements allocating benefits between the various entities involved in the transaction.

Project-Based Solutions

Project-Based Solutions

Our full-service multifamily housing team supports clients in all phases of the project life cycle, including:

  • Acquisition and disposition
  • Financing
  • Land use and zoning
  • Condominium structure documentation
  • Environmental compliance
  • Construction
  • Ground leases
  • Joint ventures
  • Management agreements
  • Utility provider issues
  • Tax structuring
  • Litigation

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