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Health Care Innovation


We know from decades of experience in the health care space that an effective compliance program is unique to each organization. What works for a large nonprofit hospital cannot be repackaged to meet the needs of a long-term care facility — and vice versa. Our team provides a personal touch and attention to detail unmatched by health care consultants. We can start at the beginning to build a comprehensive program from scratch, evaluate a current program to fill in any gaps, or lend support along the way in whatever area(s) our clients deem critical. Most important, we structure our work to give each client the right level of assistance, predictability, and the best value for their legal spend.

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Chad N. Eckhardt

Industry Team Leader

Cincinnati, OH

What Sets Us Apart


With former in-house compliance professionals, we know that many outside consulting firms and self-styled compliance experts often employ a formulaic, one-size-fits all compliance framework. Absent from this framework in many cases is an informed, forward-looking legal strategy. Worse, legal counsel may be engaged only after an issue has developed into a major problem when the appropriate safeguards could’ve been incorporated from the start. Because we’ve seen how these scenarios play out, we know what tactics and remedial measures are apt to preempt them. We work with clients to ensure, both now and going forward, that their business objectives and legal strategy are fully integrated and sustainable at scale.


We draw on over a century of combined experience advising health systems, hospitals, physician practices and other care providers on all manner of regulatory matters. Our clients look to us for experienced judgement and compliance solutions grounded in a rigorous assessment of their distinct risk profile, business, and care delivery model(s). We put their goals front and center while bringing our deep understanding of health law to bear on the regulatory challenges they face on a routine basis.


Complacency can be the Achilles heel of even the most robust compliance program. That’s why we dig in, ask the right questions, and work with you at every step to keep your compliance program current and airtight. While we offer project-based solutions where needed, we also believe that sustainability is paramount to health care compliance, and our approach emphasizes strategies that can be readily adapted in response to institutional and regulatory change.

We can be called on the provide informed counsel on whatever topics our clients may need, including:

  • Program effectiveness evaluation
  • Program design/implementation
  • Policies and procedures
  • Education/training
    • Board of Directors
    • Managers
    • Employee orientation
    • Annual compliance refresher
    • Fraud and abuse
    • Physician practice
  • Medicare enrollment
  • Transactions
  • Coding/billing audits
  • Investigations and disclosures
  • RAC appeals
  • Value-based purchasing
  • 340B
  • Provider-based requirements
  • Telemedicine


We are always available to answer questions whenever an issue arises or wherever an opportunity presents itself. In addition to providing ground-level support, we make sure our clients are up to speed on industry best practices as well as the latest developments in the world of health care compliance, including hot topics like telemedicine, 340B, and provider-based regulations. Visit our Health Law Matters Blog and subscribe to get timely updates.

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