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Take your practice to the next level.

Frost Brown Todd is a super-regional firm providing full-scale legal support to some of the world's best-known companies as well as numerous startups and social-sector organizations. When we hire laterally, we bring attorneys on board who will strengthen the firm’s existing infrastructure, particularly in areas where we've seen an uptick in the volume and complexity of work.

Once here, we see to it that lateral attorneys are incorporated into existing teams and furnished with both a support structure and opportunities that make the best use of their time and talents. Through market-competitive salaries, an attractive benefits package, flexible working arrangements and a bonus program that rewards both individual and team successes, we also see to it our laterals are well-compensated for their hard work. Please submit your application here.

Current Openings by Market

Cincinnati, OH

Construction Associate

Interested candidates should have at least 2 years of experience in construction law. Applicant must have experience representing construction clients, strong writing and communication skills, and be committed to serving the construction industry.  Training in construction management, engineering or architecture, or practical experience in the construction industry, is helpful but not required.  Please apply on our application portal to submit your resume, law school transcript and cover letter.  Frost Brown Todd LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

Nashville, TN

Corporate Associate

Interested candidates should have at least 3-4 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance.  Experience with financial technology, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is a plus. Applicants must have a good academic record and excellent written and oral communication skills.  Please apply on our application portal to submit your resume, law school transcript and cover letter. Frost Brown Todd LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

Charleston, WV

Litigation Associate

Interested candidates should have at least two years of litigation experience to support our Business Litigation Practice Group with depositions, hearings and drafting pleadings.  Please apply on our application portal to submit your resume, law school transcript and cover letter. Frost Brown Todd LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

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Call-Back Interview Process

We have given significant thought to understanding what makes someone successful at Frost Brown Todd and how to better identify successful future contributors to our team. Our typical candidate selection process includes both 30-minute one-on-one interviews and a 60-minute interview with a panel of trained interviewers. During the panel interview, we utilize behaviorally based questions in a systematic process to eliminate impermissible bias and to better understand the past experiences of our applicants. By understanding the experiences that shape an applicant, we can better identify potential for future success at the firm. In this way, you get to share your story, experiences, and why you are primed for professional success.

Compensation & Benefits

Frost Brown Todd’s compensation and benefits package is designed to attract, motivate and retain talented individuals who drive the firm’s success and support its mission and values. Several important factors are considered when determining starting pay as well as future pay adjustments. Some of those factors include the candidate’s prior experience, education, proven skillset and position responsibilities. We also use multiple data sources to carefully monitor changes within each of our city’s labor markets in order to stay competitive with respect to total compensation offerings.

We offer health, vision and dental insurance with firm contributions to a Health Savings Account, as well as a 401(k) plan with matching and profit sharing benefits. All employees are also eligible for mental health consultations and short- or long-term disability coverage. Family benefits apply to same-sex partnerships, and our parental leave policies (maternity and paternity) underscore the firm’s commitment to fostering work-life integration.

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Retirement (401k after the first year, profit sharing after the second year)
  • Vacation (three weeks paid)
  • Dues/fees/expenses (bar, court, CLE)
  • Bonus Program (Objective, Subjective)
  • Dress for your day policy

Advancement & Performance Reviews

Prior to membership, there are three developmental stages for attorneys: associatesenior associate and managing associate. An associate’s progression from one stage to the next is contingent upon a formalized competency-based evaluation process, which provides a clear roadmap for professional development. In addition to the evaluation’s formal components, attorneys are encouraged to speak candidly with a member or managing associate, receive feedback and set priorities for the coming year. Finally, because we promote on the basis of demonstrated proficiencies and not years of practice, some attorneys rise through the ranks faster than others.


While the path to membership may be accomplished in the traditional timeframe of seven years, the firm provides alternative advancement models for attorneys in need of greater flexibility and whose accomplishments warrant recognition beyond the narrow title of “member.” We take a pragmatic, individualized approach in helping these attorneys chart a career trajectory.

Bonus Programs

We have two bonus programs, one based on objective criteria, the other on subjective considerations. The associate objective bonus program rewards attorneys on a quarterly basis for recording hours billable to FBT clients.

The subjective bonus program rewards attorneys for making significant contributions to the firm’s current or future profits. Other considerations include productivity (with respect to billable hours) as well as mentoring, pro bono work, marketing and business development activities, outstanding client service and the generation of new business.

Professional Development

For laterals joining at the associate level, we offer a “Fundamentals” curriculum that imparts best practices in a variety of legal disciplines. Supplementing our “Fundamentals” curriculum is a competency-based training program taught by nationally recognized speakers and leaders within the firm. Here, the emphasis is not on concepts, but on professional/technical skills and ownership behaviors. New associates learn to take initiative, prioritize, collaborate with their coworkers, and cultivate

In addition, each of the firm’s industry teams and practice groups hold regular meetings and in-office seminars. Led by Frost Brown Todd members, these subject-focused seminars address recent developments in the law and effective strategies for helping clients navigate these new exigencies. Each team has specific benchmarks for skill development at each level, ensuring that associates are on track and have a varied and manageable workload.

Marketing and business development support are provided as well. Our Marketing Department helps attorneys identify client engagement opportunities and develop marketing collateral for pitches and presentations.

Recruiting Contact

  • Karen M. Laymance Profile Image
    Karen M. Laymance

    Director of Recruiting & Legal Personnel

    Cincinnati, OH

Culture Spotlight

We could not be the firm we are today without our dedicated team of attorneys and business professionals. You can learn more about the Frost Brown Todd team in our “Culture Spotlight” video.


Inclusion@Frost Brown Todd

We place the highest priority on hiring not just qualified people, but qualified people who share our inclusive values and bring a fresh perspective by virtue of their unique life experience. We are also fully committed to maintaining an organizational culture in which everyone is treated with dignity, where different perspectives are engaged and valued, and where genuine team players can forge lifelong careers.


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