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Succeeding in the mobility space requires the creation of innovative products, meeting tight production schedules, managing risk and adapting to accommodate the ever-changing needs of customers. As the competitive landscape continues to evolve, you need a legal team with historic success within the industry and the foresight to help you capitalize on the future. Our mobility team has the drive and depth to take on any legal issue that arises, while helping our clients execute bold, informed strategies to keep their business, and the industry as a whole, moving forward.

For more than 20 years, we have served clients spanning all segments of the mobility ecosystem, from OEMs and Tier suppliers to companies revolutionizing the transportation of people, goods and services. We are thoroughly familiar with the competitive, highly regulated climate in which our clients operate. Our invaluable insight, combined with deep industry knowledge, empowers manufacturers, mobility companies and equity firms from around the world to not simply manage through, but position themselves to thrive in today’s global marketplace.

Team Lead

Need something? Our Mobility team leader can point you in the right direction.

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AutoConnect 2022

The one automotive conference you don’t want to miss. 

AutoConnect is a one-day conference offering a platform for stakeholders across all segments of the automotive industry to engage in dialogue concerning the year’s most exciting and alarming trends. No other industry event draws on such broad-based expertise while offering attendees exclusive networking opportunities to truck with the very best in the automotive business.

Areas of Focus

One-stop auto shop. Unstoppable drive.

Product Liability

Driven to deliver cost-efficient solutions to minimize clients’ trial exposure. 

We not only know vehicles from the inside out, having spent years walking plant floors, talking to engineers and exploring our clients’ operations from every angle. But we also know what it takes to try product liability cases. Conducting effective pretrial discovery is only part of the story. Our product liability attorneys can aggressively pursue trial if a settlement is not what our client wants.

At trial we work in tandem with company engineers and outside consultants to communicate technical concepts in clear, yet persuasive ways. All expert witnesses are not created equal: We leverage the nation’s leading experts in a wide range of scientific topics, including metallurgy, fire, restraint systems, biomechanics, glass and glazing and crashworthiness. We know how to effectively cross-examine expert witnesses to draw out their theories, persuade judges and juries and maximize favorable results.

With a thorough understanding of both the drivers behind our clients’ businesses as well as the scientific principles involved in product liability, we are well-equipped to take on wrongful death and serious personal injury cases in jurisdictions around the world.

Commercial Litigation & Antitrust

Experience that goes the distance — from risk management to trial.

The automotive and mobility industries are as complex as they are global. Our commercial litigation attorneys work quickly to help clients avoid and resolve business conflicts, allowing them to remain focused on running their companies. When legal action is unavoidable — whether defending breach of contract claims or securing the supply chain through injunctive actions — our high-stakes, multi-jurisdictional trial experience empowers us to effectively achieve our clients’ desired goals.

Additionally, our attorneys bring deep industry knowledge to the world of antitrust law, where there are few black-and-white rules that can be equally applied to different situations. We have represented clients up and down the supply chain on everything from price fixing and price discrimination to market allocation and monopolization. Our years of experience translate to sophisticated business analysis. We work with companies to minimize the risk of antitrust litigation before entering into agreements, or proactively develop antitrust compliance programs to protect against future monopolization, tying and exclusive dealing lawsuits.

Supply Chain Management & Workouts

No supply chain is immune to breaks — here’s how to strengthen yours.

Product recalls, new regulations, natural disasters, labor strikes and, of late, a global health crisis and its rippling economic effects. The supply chain at times seems one weak link away from catastrophic financial disruption. When the future of production is uncertain, our experience representing dozens of OEMs and Tier suppliers in these high-risk, highly complex matters is critical. We’re skilled at helping OEMs and suppliers in times of crisis and equally skilled at preventing crises from ever occurring.

Our team includes lead outside counsel and former in-house attorneys for domestic and foreign OEMs, ensuring that there’s no learning curve for us when it’s time to negotiate deals between suppliers and OEMs. Our experience representing major players in purchasing, design, development or even the part-approval process allows us to quickly negotiate and draft terms and conditions as well as sourcing, tooling, confidentiality and exit agreements.

We have also handled distressed supplier workouts and many of the major bankruptcies over the last 20 years—including Takata, Collins and Aikman, Plastech, Chrysler, GM, Intermet, Revstone, Metavation, Exide and Chassix. We have navigated our clients through these uniquely complex challenges, time and time again. Whether it’s restructuring or liquidating the supplier, in or out of bankruptcy, while protecting production, we help clients quickly understand the benefits and risks associated with all options.

Mergers & Acquisitions

There’s an art to M&A transactions — we call it adding value.

Suppliers, OEMs and equity investors need legal counsel that combines in-depth industry knowledge with the finesse to craft mergers and acquisitions in ways that mitigate risk and maximize opportunity. Our experienced M&A attorneys have helped negotiate and structure complex transactions up and down the supply chain for decades. No matter which side of the deal we are on, we dig deep and ask the right questions to ensure our clients’ best interests are achieved. From the purchase price and payment terms to warranties and covenants, our attorneys efficiently navigate negotiations, ensuring critical issues are explored and resolved.

Supporting Evidence

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