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Union Avoidance / Campaigns

Our team helps our non-unionized clients stay union-free in three critical ways. First, we offer comprehensive training and advice designed to ensure your company is an unattractive target for a union. Our attorneys will work with you to develop policies and procedures that fit the realities of your business, while also dampening your employees’ drive to unionize. Further, our group will work with you to implement policies and practices that make it easier to fight a union campaign. Often, by being proactive, employers can avoid a union election petition entirely.

Second, should a union file an election petition, our attorneys have a proven record of designing and implementing union-education campaigns that empower employees to vote “NO.” From top management to supervisors, we will train your first line of defense to blunt union propaganda. It is important to work with our clients to pinpoint critical issues, prepare targeted campaign materials, and deliver a consistent message to your employees. This includes training your management personnel in the proper use of campaign materials so they are effective and confident acting as the company’s representatives and avoid the hidden pitfalls built into the nation’s labor laws.

Key Contacts

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Catherine F. Burgett


Columbus, OH

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John T. Lovett


Louisville, KY

An uncommon advantage. 

Many of our attorneys previously worked for the National Labor Relations Board. We are experienced with the nuances of the NLRB and the National Mediation Board to resolve unfair labor practice charges, make and defend against election objections, negotiate settlements, and defend our client’s interests during an administrative or judicial review.

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