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Data, Digital Assets & Technology

Ground break with us.

Whether tech products are a key source of your company’s revenue or an inextricable part of how you operate, transact, and communicate with stakeholders and customers, your technology needs have likely evolved with the business and will continue to. Our data, digital assets, and technology team can provide the legal, regulatory, and business support and solutions you need to forge ahead—boldly, sustainably, and strategically poised for the future.

Our team has proven experience and success handling tech transactions of all stripes, from tokenizations and commercialization strategies to vendor contracts and M&A sourcing arrangements. We also assist with licensing and intellectual property matters, vanguard AI opportunities, regulatory compliance, data privacy and incident response planning, as well as the development or integration of new enterprise technologies, metaverses, and payment ecosystems.

Full-suite legal services.

We thrive at the intersection between technology and the law—and that’s by design. We’re one of the first legal teams within our footprint to offer a fully integrated service platform equipped to meet all your tech-related legal, regulatory, IP and transactional needs.

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Nilesh (Neal) Patel Profile Image
Nilesh (Neal) Patel

Practice Group Leader

Cincinnati, OH

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