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Product, Tort, & Insurance Litigation

High stakes require highly skilled representation.

Our product liability and tort litigation team has represented companies in all 50 states and taken more than 500 jury cases to verdict, with significant experience defending our results on appeal. We provide sophisticated and effective defense for companies facing product liability and tort claims of every type and size. We do more than simply respond to litigation filed against our clients. Rather, we work closely and proactively with them from the earliest stages to implement liability prevention practices that are consistent with and integral to a successful defense.

Whether serving as national coordinating, lead trial or local counsel, our attorneys exemplify total client service. We invest time to understand each clients’ business and industry in order to identify all issues relevant to building a sound defense. We likewise provide guidance on cost-saving strategies, such as alternative dispute resolution and early case analysis, and conduct post-mortem assessments to review successes, outcomes and lessons learned. When the stakes are high, our top priority is to protect the integrity of our clients’ products and reputations through efficient, impactful representation.

Practice Area Contact

A smiling person wearing a dark suit with a green tie poses against a plain background.
Jeremiah A. Byrne

Practice Group Leader

Louisville, KY

Experience Highlights

Tools & Heavy Equipment

  • Serves as national coordinating counsel for international and domestic manufacturers of pneumatic, electric and battery-operated nailers, staplers, screwdrivers and other fastening devices and accessories.
  • Serves as national coordinating counsel for S&P 500 company’s manufacturing division of hand-held torches and distributor of gas cylinders.
  • Serves on a trade group of legal and standards-making committees handling media issues and CPSC interaction on behalf of various clients.
  • Instrumental in developing industry-wide safety warning labels, manuals and safety education programs for end users.
  • Serves as statewide counsel for international hand and power tool manufacturer.
  • Defends manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks, agricultural and construction equipment in product liability actions.
  • Serves as national counsel for Japanese manufacturer of industrial equipment including dough mixers, cutters, grinders, blenders and presses.
  • Serves as national trial counsel for a manufacturer of loader backhoes.
  • Serves as regional counsel for a major construction and agricultural equipment manufacturer.

Mobility & Transportation

  • Defends numerous international automobile and motorcycle manufacturers in product liability and personal injury claims.
  • Serves as national counsel for manufacturers of safety restraint systems in product liability actions.
  • Serves as national coordinating trial counsel for major automotive manufacturer in fatality and rollover cases.
  • Served as the Defense Liaison for all defendants in the Ford-Firestone multidistrict litigation based in Indianapolis, IN.
  • Appointed by a Fortune 500 client to a team of settlement specialists attempting to resolve major nationwide claims involving a high-profile recalled product.
  • Defend helicopter engine manufacturer.
  • Represent insureds of major aviation insurer.

Consumer & Recreational Products

  • Serves as national coordinating counsel for manufacturer of glass, bakeware and home accessories.
  • Advises clients on consumer product regulation including CPSC reporting and recall-related issues.
  • Served as national coordinating counsel for manufacturers of children’s products, including, car seats, commercial playground equipment and toys.
  • Defended a children’s products manufacturer in wrongful death actions.
  • Serves as national coordinating counsel for manufacturer of glass, bakeware and home accessories.
  • Advises clients on consumer product regulation including CPSC reporting and recall-related issues.
  • Served as national coordinating counsel for manufacturers of children’s products, including, car seats, commercial playground equipment and toys.
  • Defended a children’s products manufacturer in wrongful death actions.
  • Defends all-terrain vehicle manufacturers in product liability actions.
  • Defended marine manufacturers in defeating propeller guarding allegations brought by various plaintiffs in lawsuits in various state and federal courts.
  • Defended manufacturers of personal watercraft in product liability suits.

Food, Drug & Medical Device

  • Serves as national counsel for a distributor of flavorings in diacetyl and acetaldehyde cases.
  • Defends food manufacturers in personal injury claims arising from their products.
  • Represented national franchises in the genetically modified corn litigation and E. coli litigation.
  • Represented international companies in the genetically modified rice litigation.
  • Defends manufacturers in numerous drug and medical device serial litigation matters, including diet drugs and other pharmaceuticals, hip implants, insulin infusion pumps, latex gloves, bone screws, mechanical heart valves, cardiac stents and catheters.
  • Served as lead trial and national counsel representing a manufacturer of orthopedic products and instruments in multidistrict litigation.
  • Defended pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers in federal court product liability litigation, including requests for class certification.

Fire, Explosion & Toxic Exposure

  • Defends numerous underground mine fire and explosion cases, including most recently the Sago Mine in West Virginia.
  • Serves as national fire counsel for manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment.
  • Defended numerous makers of appliances and electronic devices against product-related claims for fire losses, property damage and personal injuries.
  • Defended manufacturers and distributors of propane delivery systems, MAPP gas cylinders, smoke detectors, boilers, furnaces, fans and electronic air cleaners.
  • Defended companies and individuals in major catastrophic loss cases including the Rhode Island Station Nightclub fire, Oklahoma City bombing, Ivel Natural Gas Pipeline explosion, Rexnord Industrial Plant explosion, Johnny Cash residential fire, San Juan Dupont Plaza Hotel fire and Happy Land Social Club fire.
  • Serves as national, regional and/or jurisdictional counsel for over 20 asbestos manufacturers.
  • Serves as national trial counsel for a manufacturer defendant in welding consumables litigation.
  • Serves as national trial counsel in Isocyanate exposure cases in the mining industry.
  • Serves as national coordinating and trial counsel for a number of contractors, developers and suppliers of Chinese drywall.
  • Serves as managing counsel for a manufacturer of lead paint.
  • Served as lead toxic tort counsel for a national lawn care company.
  • Defended an industrial client against personal injury and wrongful death claims for alleged job site exposure to benzene or benzene-related products.

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