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We stake our reputation on every trial.

Our experienced, high-performing litigation team boasts a long, successful track record representing clients in complex corporate disputes and white-collar criminal matters. We blend skill and insight with sophisticated legal savvy across various disciplines to help clients effectively manage and resolve disputes in every major industry, from health care and financial services litigation to manufacturing, retail and commercial transportation claims. Whether serving as local counsel, national coordinating counsel or national trial counsel, we are vested in a positive outcome for our clients and work aggressively towards the most effective and expedient resolution.

Key Contact

A smiling individual with shoulder-length hair wearing a black blazer and a purple blouse.
Theresa A. Canaday

Litigation Department Chair

Louisville, KY

How We Help Clients

Innovative Solutions to Complex Business Challenges

Frost Brown Todd features many nationally recognized litigators. We are equally adept at fashioning solutions to problems without incurring the risks and costs associated with courtroom trials. Thus, while we frequently try cases to judges and juries, our trial attorneys regularly resolve disputes out of court through negotiation, arbitration, mediation, mini-trials and other alternative dispute resolution methods. If a dispute cannot be avoided, we encourage the use of alternative dispute resolution procedures and work with clients to achieve their dispute resolution objectives as cost-effectively as possible.

Case Management: Avoiding Surprises

Because no two legal situations are alike, we can tailor a litigation management plan to achieve a meaningful win. We understand and respect our clients’ budgets and deadlines, emphasizing case management, risk evaluation analyses, frequent communication and adherence to our clients’ goals. Some of our lawyers actually maintain offices in client facilities to provide day-to-day advice and assistance.

Litigation can be expensive and that prospect can seem overwhelming. Our lawyers work with clients from the outset to put together the appropriate team and assign work to the right professional to ensure we handle matters in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Prior to beginning our work, we advise clients on strategic choices and relative costs to help them manage expectations and budget.

Powered by Knowledge

Our litigators make every effort to counsel and educate clients on how to avoid litigation altogether. We help them design conflict management systems, prepare and negotiate contracts to limit exposure to litigation, and maximize the likelihood that, if litigation is filed, it will be filed in a forum of their choosing. We also offer a dedicated litigation support staff comprising experienced litigators, paralegals and clerks proficient in all aspects of e-discovery, document retention and destruction programs.

We understand, through experience, that successful litigation is about planning, details and execution. Our electronic data discovery team has handled data and document issues for corporate clients across international borders and with courts and counsel around the world. Using state-of-the-art litigation software, we’re able to document, manage and present a case powerfully and accurately.

Supporting Evidence

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