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Failed-Bank Response Team

Count on us for the insight.

Our multi-disciplined response team has been working around the clock to advise clients and help them actively plan for the ripple effects of recent bank failures and the government’s ongoing efforts to stabilize the financial markets. Recognizing the need for reliable intelligence and immediate advice as this situation unfolds, our attorneys are prepared to answer any questions you may have related to your stakeholder obligations, vendor contracts, cash flow needs, ability to access deposits and lines of credit, as well as any other questions.

Response Team Contacts

To point you in the right direction.

  • Nathan L. Berger Profile Image
    Nathan L. Berger


    Louisville, KY

    Nashville, TN

  • Nancy Eff Presnell Image
    Nancy Eff Presnell


    Louisville, KY

  • Theodore E. Bacon Profile Image
    Theodore E. Bacon

    Office Partner-in-Charge

    San Francisco, CA

  • Jared M. Tully Profile Image
    Jared M. Tully

    Practice Group Vice-Chair

    Charleston, WV

  • Douglas A. Walter Profile Image
    Douglas A. Walter


    Louisville, KY

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In the News

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Recent Articles

“Contagion effect? Local VCs talk SVB fallout, impact on Ohio,” Cincinnati Business Journal

“This is unprecedented. In 2008, banks that (failed) were plagued by bad assets that deteriorated over time. We saw it coming. SVB … it failed in 48 hours, and in the age of social media, it was an old-fashioned run on the bank. The issue now is how do we help our impacted clients: do they want to sit and wait or how do we help them move their relationship to another financial institution?”

Nathan Berger | Partner | Louisville, KY

“As banking sector teeters, could S.F.’s First Republic collapse next?,” San Francisco Chronicle

“Where you get into more difficult problems is if, for example, you have a company that has a million-dollar line of credit, and they use that line of credit to handle their operations.”

Ted Bacon | Office Partner-in-Charge | San Francisco, CA

“How the FDIC Protects Your Money After a Bank Run,” U.S. News & World Report

“When a bank faces risk of failure, the FDIC is usually aware of that likelihood and has already prepared for potential resolution.”

Jared Tully  | Partner | Charleston, WV

“Local banks, experts on what the Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank failures means for Louisville,” Louisville Business First

“We have clients in Louisville — we have clients across our footprint — who were impacted by the Silicon Valley Bank failure and the impending, and obvious, Signature Bank failure.”

Nathan Berger | Partner | Louisville, KY

Media Contacts

For quotations and inquiries regarding the firm and our attorneys, please reach out to the following contacts:

Catherine Marquardt

Director of Firm & Client Communications

Jaimie Schapker

Communications Manager

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