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As recreational and commercial drone use has grown significantly in the past few years, various states have passed laws directly aimed at drone use.  Many of those laws are aimed at one or both of two issues: public safety and privacy.  For example, here in Tennessee, it is against the law to fly a drone over a prison or into a fireworks show.  But Tennessee has also taken regulation outside the realms of safety and privacy, at least arguably, by making it a crime to fly a drone over someone hunting or fishing.

Lest my home state be viewed as a maverick in passing drone laws, other states have joined the fun.  For example, Illinois also passed a law that restricts using drones to harass hunters or fisherman.  New Hampshire passed a law that prohibits the use of drones to hunt or fish.  By and large, however, the approximately two dozen states that have pass laws specifically addressing drone use have focused on either privacy concerns or law enforcement use of that technology.

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