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Given the lifted prohibition on hemp and CBD under the 2018 Farm Bill, there is currently a gold rush for intellectual property protection of hemp and CBD-related technologies and products. Many businesses in the hemp and CBD industries are crafting and implementing an intellectual property strategy to protect valuable assets.

During our webinar, we provide you with the knowledge and tools for obtaining holistic intellectual property protection of your hemp and CBD-related technological developments as well as the branding associated with your plants and products. Our discussion includes an overview of the U.S. trademark, patent and PVP certificate application processes, current best practices and avoidable pitfalls.

This video was created for general informational purposes only as of the time of its creation and does not constitute legal advice, the formation of an attorney client relationship, or a solicitation to provide legal services.

Note: This webinar is part of a monthly series in which Frost Brown Todd attorneys focus on hemp-related topics and trends through the lens of various legal disciplines, from general regulatory to intellectual property, banking, and advertising law. For updates, visit