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Introduced February 9, 2015, Senate Bill 34 requires the Board of Education of a school district to eliminate any policy of zero tolerance for violent, disruptive, or inappropriate behavior.  The bill forbids a board from adopting such a zero tolerance policy.

Alternative Strategy

S.B. 34 requires the Board to adopt a policy that considers many factors to be reviewed prior to the suspension or expulsion of a student.  This policy must provide alternative strategies, including prevention, intervention, restorative justice, peer mediation, and counseling.  These strategies should be used to address discipline for behavioral issues as well as harassment, intimidation, and bullying.

What You Need To Know

If S.B. 34 is passed, then your district should remove such a zero tolerance policy. Also, your district should adopt an updated policy in accordance with the bill’s requirements and should consult with legal counsel as needed to verify compliance.