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In its 2023 US Private Equity Outlook report, PitchBook predicted that private equity investment in health care would remain strong throughout the year given the dry powder available to be deployed and investors’ interest in recession-proof industries.

However, while private equity can earn significant returns on investments in a relatively short period of time, health care is a complex, highly regulated space and, therefore, more challenging to operate as a quick-profit enterprise.

Private equity firms must be aware of the many regulatory standards and compliance obligations that govern the industry to avoid unwanted government scrutiny and other undesirable legal consequences.

The following series of articles, designed for private equity and other investors new to the health care sector, provide an overview of the market, review government enforcement actions, and explain the necessary steps to take in the due diligence process. Future articles will outline how to build a compliance program.

For more information on our work in the health care and PE realm, visit our Health Care Innovation Industry Team.