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As news comes out every week about new technologies, from new crypto wallets to generative AI to self-driving taxis, it can get overwhelming for most of us to keep up or to understand the new intricacies of technology, and it can get easy to say, “The IT department has it covered.” Well, do they have it covered?

Far too often, companies fail to protect its data with the same muster as its financial security until it is too late. Just as a healthy business will regularly conduct audits of its accounting processes to detect potential fraud, ensure regulatory compliance, and locate areas of improvement for the organization, the same should be done for a business’s data security practices. Key components of any organization are its people and its information, and the IT department is in charge of protecting that information.

Our recent article originally published in InnovationMap looks at the five steps businesses should considering taking to ensure that the company’s technology personnel are indeed securing one of the company’s most valuable assets: information.