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    Frost Brown Todd Releases Annual Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Belonging Report

This week, Frost Brown Todd (FBT) issued its Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Belonging (IDEB) 2022 Report (available here). Among other things, the report charts the firm’s measurable commitments and important milestones tied to IDEB, while also highlighting some of the people and offices leading the charge at FBT.

What you will see in the report:

  • New trails blazed in our pipeline/community engagement efforts, including info on our pro bono work and annual scholarships
  • Diversity gains in our summer and first-year associate classes
  • Impact of Mansfield benchmarking on diversity and advancement strategies at FBT
  • Spotlights on attorneys and offices, celebrating the talents and contributions of our teammates
  • Important milestones like our merger with AlvaradoSmith, one of the largest and oldest minority-owned firms in California
  • FBT’s hard-earned awards and recognition

“This report, and all that it illuminates, speaks to our continued progress across multiple fronts, from our recruiting and social responsibility efforts to the workplace experience and, perhaps most critically, the development of talent vital to our firm’s success,” said Chief IDEB Officer Chris Johnson. “It’s all included here in this comprehensive look back, which is also unique in the degree of transparency the report provides regarding key IDEB performance indicators.”

Download Report