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Automotive Technology Concept. ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System).

AutoConnect® 2022

August 18, 2022 9:00 am CT Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, TN

Back to the Future of Automotive 

The lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with legislative efforts to stimulate or shore up key industries, have resulted in fundamental changes to the competitive landscape for all segments of the automotive industry. From disruptions to the global supply chain, to new funds allocated for EV infrastructure, to one of the most robust M&A markets in recent memory, we have reached a pivotal point in the history and, indeed, the future of auto. Join us for AutoConnect 2022 as we bring together leading voices among OEMs, tier suppliers, economists and legal advisors for an executive-level discussion about what these changes mean and where to prioritize.

This event is passed. View 2022 highlights below. 

2022 Panels & Keynote

Panel | Supply Chain: Managing the Pivot


Driven by the need to correct the challenges and limitations of current supply chain practices and the evolution to alternative fuel vehicles, manufacturers and suppliers are adopting a variety of mitigation strategies. From a shift in manufacturing regions (in-house or nearshoring operations) to a change in methodology (additive manufacturing or increased recycling), what has the industry done to adapt to disruptions and what are we doing to prepare for the future?

This panel is sponsored by Plante Moran.  





  • Daron Gifford

    Partner | Plante Moran

  • Bryan Clem

    Senior Manager, Purchasing | Toyota

  • Dean Lee

    Vice President, Business Unit Division | Nissan Trading

  • David Walden

    Vice President | MiddleGround Capital

  • Ashish Sadhu

    Ashish Sadhu | Vice President | Marelli


Keynote Address | Dr. Christopher Borroni-Bird


Every solution, at scale, creates a new set of problems. This will also be true for connected, autonomous, and electric vehicles as their production and use accelerates. Solving the challenges ahead will require numerous technological innovations and potentially a paradigm shift to keep pace with the developing world (solar abundance, circular economy, and appropriately sized vehicles for their intended task). Dr. Christopher Borroni-Bird, brings a rare, holistic view of global mobility, having spent the principal part of his career leading advanced mobility initiatives at several automotive and technology companies.

  • Keynote

    Dr. Christopher Borroni-Bird

    Founder | Afreecar LLC

    Dr. Chris Borroni-Bird is an independent consultant on future mobility and also provides technical due diligence on companies in the future mobility space (e.g., EV and AV startups). In addition, he is creating an innovative power+transport solution for underserved communities around the world, including sub-Saharan Africa.

Panel | Regulatory Outlook for the Future of Automotive


The automotive industry is controlled by regulations governed by multiple international, national and state-specific agencies. How do these various regulations (or lack thereof) provide opportunities and obstacles for investors, suppliers, and OEMs? How will emerging technologies in the automotive industry be impacted?


  • Jonathan Miller

    D.C. Office Member-in-Charge | Frost Brown Todd

  • Rich Davies, Ph.D.

    Director | Sustainable Transportation Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Department of Energy)

  • Brian Daugherty

    Chief Technology Officer | OESA

  • Joanna Foust

    Vice President, Government Relations | Subaru, Inc.

  • Mark Johnson

    Vice President, Governmental Affairs | Toyota

  • Kuniharu Tanabe

    Director | Mobility Automotive Industrial Strategy Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (Government of Japan)

  • Yugo Nagashima

    Member | Frost Brown Todd


Panel | Present and Future Mobility Infrastructure


In the United States, readiness for alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) is high due to favorable government initiatives to curb greenhouse gas emissions and significant investments from large operators in infrastructure. What considerations should be made, especially as manufacturers propel their AFV offerings into the U.S. market, in order to translate to widespread adoption and success? And more importantly, how are we defining success?


  • Mekesha Montgomery

    Member | Frost Brown Todd

  • Brenda Brickhouse

    Technical Executive | Electric Power Research Institute

  • Todd Coy

    Vice President | Retriev Technologies Inc.

  • Michael Schönberger

    Global Director, Engineering Charging Systems | Webasto Inc.

  • Paul D. Degges, P.E.

    Deputy Commissioner and Chief Engineer | Tennessee Department of Transportation


Closing Remarks | Paul Fanson


Technology and society can change in both incremental and dramatic ways, and understanding both time scales can help us to better understand what the future may really hold. This session will introduce some of Toyota’s thoughts on the possible evolution of technology as it relates to mobility, which will lead to a broader discussion on the future of our world.

  • Closing Speaker

    Paul Fanson

    Senior Manager, Research & Development | Toyota

    Paul Fanson is a Senior Manager of the Future Value Creation group of the Advanced Product Planning Office of the Toyota Motor North America R&D Pillar, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His work focuses on the identification and coordination of new vehicle and advanced mobility technologies.

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