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  • California Privacy Act 2019

    Does the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Apply to Your Business? A Flowchart

Businesses that violate the CCPA can face civil penalties in actions brought by the California Attorney General ranging from $2,500 for each non-intentional violation and up to $7,500 for each intentional violation. In addition, in some circumstances, California consumers may be authorized to bring individual or class action lawsuits against violators.

Download the full FBT CCPA FlowChart 0819 to see if the CCPA applies to your business.

The CCPA doesn’t just apply to California-based businesses. It can apply to businesses located outside California that collect or sell personal information of California consumers, which has been defined broadly to include all California residents.
For these reasons, for-profit businesses should review the CCPA to determine if they are caught up in it and, if so, make a plan to bring their businesses into compliance by 2020.
This is one of a series of alerts related to the California Consumer Privacy Protection Act, which goes into effect on January 1, 2020.
CCPA Checklist
CCPA Flowchart