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The buzzword for the new generation of mobile networking.

5G brings blazing speed to digital communication. With that comes concern about the impact on our privacy.

5G speeds up data sharing – the good, the bad, the annoying, the criminal. With the emergence of the Edge linking devices and data infrastructure (DPD podcast 90), 5G shares information in virtual real-time about your health, your highway speed, your browsing and entertainment, your choices in a grocery store, and your location. In equally instant time, this data will be shared by a growing number of companies and people watching and listening to us (known and unknown), who will turn the information into benefits for themselves and risks for your privacy. National security is also at stake. Criminal elements will exploit the benefits, along with governments foreign and domestic.

Explore in this episode the intersection of 5G and personal information. What does 5G mean for data privacy and what can the U.S. Government do to address the national security risks? Our tour guide is Sohan Dasgupta, former Deputy General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and a leading data privacy expert, an attorney with Frost Brown Todd LLC’s Washington, D.C. office.

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