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    Data Privacy Detective Podcast – Episode 90: The Edge and Personal Data Privacy

Protecting and using personal information has focused on computer and software technology. With the Internet of Things (IoT), the Edge has arrived – the place where devices and traditional data infrastructure connect. Niranjan Maka takes us on a tour of the Edge and explains what it means to enterprises and individuals and the risks the Edge creates for us all.

Niranjan heads, Enterprise IoT Platform |, an Edge company spun out from VMware, focused on bringing AI/ML powered management and monitoring to IoT/Edge devices. Our physical presence is replete with siloed millions of devices and sensors that collect, process, and share our personal information and enterprise data. As a veteran holding leadership positions at companies like RSA Security, Niranjan explains how we must become aware of the devices and sensors that are constantly with us and how the Edge changes how enterprises and individuals manage data and affect how our personal information is gathered and used.

Tune in for an introduction to the Edge. Learn what enterprises and individuals can do about it, both to manage well in the IoT age and to protect our personal information.

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