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    Data Privacy Detective Podcast – Episode 89: Restaurants and Personal Data Privacy

What’s at stake as Congress considers a national data privacy law?

The National Restaurant Association is the U.S.’ leading trade association for the restaurant and foodservice industry, representing thousands of members from the largest chain to solo providers. Brennan Duckett, its Director of Technology and Innovation Policy, discusses the key issues for the restaurant industry as Congress debates whether to adopt a national data privacy law. The “Three Corners Bill” recently introduced with bipartisan and bicameral support endorses substantial federal preemption of state law and a limited private right of action for substantial and individualized harm. How does a major industry see this proposal, and what are the changes needed before it is enacted?

Our personal data is shared when we order, pay for, and receive a meal. Restaurants and food service companies can be both data controllers and data processors. They interact with other companies that are data processors and controllers. Tune in to this podcast to explore the issues the restaurant industry sees as important as Congress seeks a national approach to data privacy. These issues include private rights of action, loyalty programs, and harmonization of data privacy laws rather than the patchwork and confusing current state-by-state approach.


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