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    Data Privacy Detective Podcast – Episode 82: India’s Imminent Data Privacy Law

India is about to enact a far-reaching Data Privacy Law. Expected to be passed by April 2022 and in force as early as 1st quarter 2023, it represents a far-reaching comprehensive approach based on but extending beyond the model of the European Union’s GDPR. It would govern not only personal information but how non-personal data is collected and processed across borders.

The bill would force global companies that gather and use data of Indian residents – or that have personal data of non-Indian persons processed by India’s stellar offshoring/outsourcing industry – to reconsider existing privacy policies and procedures. By including non-personal data and introducing measures of data localization, India’s novel approach would represent perhaps the most onerous and strict national policy about data collection, storage, and use.

Join this excursion to India, guided by Stephen Mathias, head of the Technology Law Practice at Kochhar & Co., one of India’s premier multi-city law firms.


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