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Backup – what does it have to do with protecting data privacy? And how does a backup service work? What should businesses and individuals know about backing up their digital data? On one hand, a backup of data provides a second target for data thieves. Not properly handled, backups can increase privacy risks. But without a backup of data, it can be lost and subject to exfiltration by thieves who steal or freeze the data held by businesses and government, the prime targets of ransomware criminals.

This podcast explores the world of backup with W. Curtis Preston, sometimes referred to as Mr. Backup. Host of the podcast series “Restore It All,” author of books, veteran of the data backup business, and Chief Technical Evangelist for Druva (, our guest will take you on a tour of a business and service little understood but vital for protecting and recovering data in case of loss.

Learn the meaning and importance in tech field lingo of “regular expressions” and “immutability.” Consider how backup services can inform businesses about protecting sensitive data better, beyond their role in resiliency and providing prompt access to data streams that are lost or stolen. And get tips about how individuals can consider the role of backup for their own personal data.


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