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    Data Privacy Detective Podcast – Episode 106: Decentralized Identifiers and Data Privacy

A systemic approach to minimizing data theft and maximizing data security

Decentralized identifiers or “DIDs”. Tune in for an exploration how blockchain and pseudonymization can systematically improve data security and increase users’ control over their digital identities.

Our tour guide is Phillip Shoemaker, the Executive Director of, a non-profit that provides tools for developers to help organizations identify individuals without compromising their security or privacy. Through this approach, enterprises can de-couple personal identities from users, providing instead a separate digital identity for the user that is not linked to a phone number, address, Social Security number, or other means of identifying the user whose data is otherwise at risk.

Learn what individuals can do to urge governments, regulators, and businesses to arm digital systems with defenses that prevent malicious actors to hack masses of personal data that are then used to steal and misuse identities and assets. As standards are being developed for software, IoT devices, and digital infrastructure, consider the role of DIDs as a best practice to be adopted broadly.

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