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How over-focus on data breach fails to achieve data privacy and security

Breached!, published in 2022 by Oxford University Press, reveals how data security law fails because of undue focus on data breaches. It explores what can be done to improve data privacy and limit data theft. Author Daniel Solove, law professor at George Washington University Law School and head of a privacy and security training company serving hundreds of global organizations, explores how laws focus too much on data breach and punishment of companies that are themselves breach victims. This is counterproductive and aggravates rather than addresses the need for heightened data security.

In this podcast, we turn our spyglass to data theft and insecurity and consider whether a holistic, systemic approach is better than a glaring focus on data breach. Emerging legal approaches to defective software and prevention of data theft can better stem the rising tide of cyber-crime and are essential to furthering privacy interests. Learn what you and public officials can do about this and how a different approach to prevention can better protect the privacy of data. As Breached! concludes, “If data security law is going to stand any chance in a world of artificial intelligence, smart devices, and social media, it must move beyond the breach.” Get ready for a new approach to protecting our privacy and achieving stronger data security.

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