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The Impact on Consumers and Company Personnel

Data breaches are now daily news, like weather reports. Podcast 101 digs beneath the headlines into what happens with data incidents that result in breaches – where our personal information goes, whether it’s ever truly recoverable, what businesses can to do to prevent and address breaches, what consumers can do about it, and how one company officer became the first U.S. person to be criminally convicted for mishandling a company’s data breach.

Andy Lunsford, founder/CEO of BreachRx, offers insights and advice for what companies and individuals can do about data breaches. Companies that have a data response plan in place and test it in advance are best positioned to deal with them. The October 5, 2022 conviction of Uber’s former Chief Information Security Officer highlighted the rising risks involved for business officers charged with data breach management. Consumers can act immediately when informed that their data was breached. Despite the need for a global standard about data breach response time and other non-political aspects of cross-border data, there is none, and not even a U.S. common approach.

Tune in to understand what happens when a data breach occurs and what each of us can do to respond to it.

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