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Top 5 Tracks – Data Privacy Detective

Episode 68 – Catching Cyber-Criminals With Digital Forensics

Ransomware attacks, data breaches, digital theft are on the rise. Who are the cyber-criminals? Can they be traced? And what can a company do to minimize risk and respond to an incident? Joining us for a tour of the dark side of the digital age is Bill Corbitt, Vice President of Digital Forensics and Incident Response at Intersec Worldwide.

Episode 64 – The Two Faces of Browsers and Our Privacy Options

Janus was the Roman god of doors, gates, and transitions. He needed two faces to look in both directions – life and death, past and future. Internet browsers allow us to access and gaze across the internet, but at the same time, they are watching us, recording what we do while browsing. In this podcast episode, Jeff Bermant, founder and CEO of the browser Cocoon, joins us to explore how browsers and privacy intersect.

Episode 72 – Personal Privacy Within Your Home

Home is our private place. But in the digital age, how private are our homes? And what can we do to protect our privacy from home invaders? Sixty-six percent of us rate our highest privacy concern as being viewed through cameras in our own homes, according to a June 2021 survey. Learn in this podcast episode how home devices are watching, listening, collecting, and sharing our personal data and steps we can take to limit unwanted intrusions. Terry Rankhorn, a 22-year FBI veteran and founder of Rankhorn & Associates, discusses home and business sweeps to protect clients’ personal data and safety.

Episode 66 – Phone Scams and You

This is a true story of a phone scam on May 2021. The Data Privacy Detective got a call on the home landline.

Episode 71 – Doxing and Kentucky’s Pioneering Anti-Doxing Statute

Kentucky is perhaps the first state to adopt a comprehensive anti-doxing statute that creates a civil tort of doxing and provides explicit criminal penalties for defined doxing conduct. It allows Kentucky residents to sue someone for intentionally disseminating their personal identifying information (PII) with an intent to intimidate, abuse, threaten, harass, or frighten a person or immediate family or household member. In this podcast episode, Justin Fowles, an attorney in Frost Brown Todd LLC’s Louisville, Kentucky office, shares key insights on what the new law contains and could mean for individuals’ and businesses’ online behavior.

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About Data Privacy Detective

The internet in its blooming evolution makes personal data big business – for government, the private sector and denizens of the dark web alike. The Data Privacy Detective Podcast explores how governments balance the interests of personal privacy with competing needs for public security, public health and other communal goods. It scans the globe for champions, villains, protectors and invaders of personal privacy and for the tools and technology used by individuals, business and government in the great competition between personal privacy and societal good order.

In each 5 to 10 minute episode, Frost Brown Todd attorney Joe Dehner is joined by technologists and privacy professionals for a discussion of the latest statutes, regulations, international agreements and court decisions that are recontouring and, in some cases, transforming the data privacy landscape. In each 5 to 10 minute episode, listeners get tips on how to protect their privacy, updates on government efforts to protect or invade personal data, and news of technological developments that shape the speed-of-bit world in which our personal data resides.

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