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Publication gives 18 of the firm’s practice areas top rankings

The 2021 edition of Chambers USA® recognized 48 of Frost Brown Todd’s (FBT) attorneys and 18 of the firm’s practice areas in various markets across the firms footprint. The publication is produced by Chambers and Partners® and ranks attorneys and their practices based on peer and client review.

The awards are divided up into several categories. Firms and individual attorneys are ranked in Bands 1 through 6, with Band 1 being the highest. This year FBT was included in the inaugural listing for Energy & Natural Resources in Pennsylvania.

For individual rankings, there are a series of further classifications. A “Senior Statesperson” is a lawyer who no longer works hands-on with the same intensity but continues close relationships with major clients and is integral to the firm’s success.

The FBT attorneys recently selected for ranking in the 2021 edition of Chambers USA® include:

Ranked as Senior Statesperson
Steven J. Goldstein – Intellectual Property (OH)
Patton Pelfrey
– Labor & Employment (KY)
Timothy W. Martin – Real Estate (KY)
Dennis J. Conniff – Environmental, Natural Resources & Utilities: Environment (KY)

Ranked in Band 1
Ronald E. Gold – Bankruptcy/Restructuring (OH)
Scott W. Dolson – Corporate/M&A (KY)
Barry A. Hines – Real Estate (KY)
William D. Hayes – Natural Resources & Environment (OH)
Sheryl G. Snyder – Litigation: General Commercial (KY)
Deborah S. Adams – Labor & Employment (OH)
John T. Lovett – Labor & Employment (KY)
Richard S. Cleary – Labor & Employment (KY)
Warren J. Hoffmann – Environment, Natural Resources & Utilities: Natural Resources (KY)
Timothy J. Hagerty – Environment, Natural Resources & Utilities: Environment (KY)
James Straus – Corporate/M&A (KY)
Edward Glasscock
– Corporate/M&A (KY)
Kevin L. Colosimo – Energy & Natural Resources (PA)
Neil Ganulin – Corporate/M&A (OH)

Ranked in Band 2
Amy R. King Condaras – Banking & Finance (WV)
Alan K. MacDonald – Corporate/M&A (KY)
William G. Strench – Corporate/M&A (KY)
Patrick R. Northam – Environment, Natural Resources & Utilities: Natural Resources (KY)
Patrick R. Northam – Environment, Natural Resources & Utilities: Utilities (KY)
Thomas P. O’Brien III – Intellectual Property (KY)
Kevin N. McMurray – Natural Resources & Environment (OH)
Stephen P. Samuels
– Natural Resources & Environment (OH)
Geoffrey M. White – Real Estate (KY)
Craig A. Griffith
– Tax (WV)
Stephen N. Haughey – Natural Resources & Environment (OH)
Maggie Smith – Litigation: Appellate (IN)

Ranked in Band 3
James A. Giesel – Corporate/M&A (KY)
Carrie G. Doehrmann – Environmental (IN)
Cynthia L. Stewart – Intellectual Property (KY)
Karlyn A. Schnapp – Intellectual Property (OH)
Ann G. Schoen – Intellectual Property (OH)
Heather L. Wilson – Labor & Employment (IN)
Alan S. Brown – Litigation: General Commercial (IN)
Nicholas C. Pappas – Litigation: General Commercial (IN)
Theresa A. Canaday – Litigation: General Commercial (KY)
Amy F. Curry – Real Estate (KY)
Nathan L. Berger – Corporate/M&A (KY)
John I. Cadwallader – Real Estate (OH)
Michael J. O’Grady – Banking & Finance (OH)
Steven M. Wesloh – Natural Resources & Environment (OH)
George E. Yund – Labor & Employment (OH)

Ranked in Band 4
John S. Higgins – Construction (OH)
Andrew B. Ulmer
– Intellectual Property (OH)
Thomas D. Anthony – Healthcare (OH)
Cory J. Skolnick – Litigation: General Commercial (KY)

The following Frost Brown Todd practice groups were selected for inclusion:

Ranked in Band 1
Corporate/M&A (KY)
Environment, Natural Resources & Utilities (KY)
Litigation: General Commercial (KY)
Real Estate (KY)
Natural Resources & Environment (OH)
Energy & Natural Resources (PA)

Ranked in Band 2
Labor & Employment (KY)
Bankruptcy/Restructuring (OH)
Corporate/M&A (OH)
Banking & Finance (WV)

Ranked in Band 3
Litigation: General Commercial (IN)
Intellectual Property (KY)
Banking & Finance (OH)
Intellectual Property (OH)
Labor & Employment (OH)

Ranked in Band 4
Construction (OH)
Real Estate (OH)

Ranked in Band 5
Litigation: General Commercial (TX)