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Since 2008, Frost Brown Todd has served as outside general counsel to a mid-size suburban community near Indianapolis. Like any town, our client faces a broad variety of complex, ever-changing issues — increasing development, growing revenues, managing employees, and even handling PR crises. This requires an informed, coordinated approach with an eye to the unique character of the community.

Proactive, engaged approach

Our work with the community began on a limited, reactive basis. While the urgent matters of the day were handled, this left gaps in what could have been a more seamless, comprehensive approach.

Seeing this, we invested in our relationship with the client by becoming a familiar face in the town. We attended every meeting — council, planning, zoning, economic development, redevelopment, parks and public safety — to more deeply understand day-to-day issues. A fixture at community events, we spoke with residents and heard their hopes and concerns for the city.

In short, we became an informed ally for officials and staff, who now rely on us for proactive, forward-thinking counsel.

Work that adds value to the community

During our relationship with the client, we have assisted with several major initiatives that have added value to the town, including:

  • The annexation of a popular nearby racetrack that has resulted not only in a significant increase in property tax revenues, but also an entirely new revenue stream from taxes on the sale of snacks and beverages at the racetrack.
  • Assisting the parks department in submitting a proposal to provide after-school care for the school program. The department received the contract, and has seen revenues from the after-school program of $1 million.
  • Multiple projects aimed at attracting development and increasing assessed values.
Expanded involvement

Today, we are doing more for the community than ever before. Our work has expanded into nearly every aspect of the town’s management, including:

  • Legislative matters
  • Procurement and bidding
  • Bond work and financing
  • Real estate, land use, and zoning
  • Economic development
  • Labor and employment
  • Litigation
  • Annexation and eminent domain
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Public Safety
Consistent presence through political transitions

Our engagement has continued — and grown — through several political transitions. Each new administration and council has the opportunity to make changes, and the fact that they repeatedly retain us as outside general counsel speaks volumes about their trust in our firm.