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    California Litigation Journal Features “Covid-19 and Commercial Tenancies: Can the Twain Ever Meet? Negotiation Tips To Do So” by W. Michael Hensley

W. Michael Hensley was featured in Vol. 34, No. 1 of California Litigation Journal, a publication of the California Lawyers Association.  His article “Covid-19 and Commercial Tenancies: Can the Twain Ever Meet? Negotiation Tips To Do So,” examines the effects of the pandemic on the residential and commercial real estate markets, the uncertainty of any given situation as courts sort through factors such as force majeure, impossibility, the frustration of business purposes defenses, and the rent moratoria instituted throughout many counties and cities. It also examines and provides negotiation tips to aid in allocating risks between each side in uncertain times.

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W. Michael Hensley is an accomplished trial lawyer that represents global and Fortune ranked companies and corporate executives in a wide range of corporate disputes, from real estate, securities, and corporate governance issues, to trade secrets, employment matters, unfair competition, and California financing laws. He authors the blog California Attorneys Fees. 


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