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Consumer Products Litigation

Our lawyers have significant trial experience. But it is our comprehensive approach and commitment to protecting our clients’ business interests that set us apart. From managing the balance between marketplace pressures and consumer expectations to navigating new regulations and contending with potential lawsuits, our clients count on our deep knowledge of the product liability landscape when their business and reputation are on the line. We provide advice and assistance at every step. We evaluate claims and vigorously defend against lawsuits, all while pursuing outcomes that are in line with our clients’ overall goals.

Key Contacts

Beth Schneider Naylor Profile Image
Beth Schneider Naylor


Cincinnati, OH

Maureen A. Bickley Profile Image
Maureen A. Bickley

Vice Office Partner-in-Charge

Cincinnati, OH

Kaitlyn Hawkins-Yokley Profile Image
Kaitlyn Hawkins-Yokley

Senior Associate

Cincinnati, OH

Our Experience

Our attorneys have defended consumer products from the development phase through trial and beyond, garnering an impressive track record in high-value product cases throughout the United States. We are also proud of our long-term client relationships where we serve as national coordinating counsel for manufacturers of home goods, glass products, juvenile products and tools.

Our Approach 

Our team manages nationwide litigation with a global approach, including coordinating discovery, experts and identifying case strategies to achieve uniform and comprehensive results. In addition to defending lawsuits, we advance our clients’ interests at every opportunity by performing early evaluation of claims and performing candid post-matter assessments.

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