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Steve serves as a government relations specialist for the firm and with more than two decades of experience in the partisan political arena at the local, state and federal levels of government he is well-versed in balancing the demands of a wide assortment of people. Steve uses his knowledge to help clients navigate the public policy environment. Leveraging his experiences and relationships to produce the right outcomes for clients is Steve’s top priority. His dedication to advancing the public interest is underscored by a keen awareness of legislative nuances, enabling him to navigate the legislative process adeptly.

Steve served as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky for nearly a decade. Steve boasts an impressive background of political and governmental executive experience that uniquely positions him to connect business and community leaders to policymakers throughout the Commonwealth. He has also served as the Commissioner of the Department for Local Government and Chairman of the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority. He uses this experience and depth of knowledge to help clients navigate the public policy environment.

Steve provides consulting services for clients and does not act as a lawyer for or provide legal advice to clients.  

Steve's Relevant Experience

Legislative Work

In his first year as a lobbyist, leveraging his own political capital and the clout of Frost Brown Todd, Steve spearheaded passage of legislation enhancing civil litigation protections for health care providers.  This legislation had languished in prior legislative sessions.

Helped pass legislation paving the way for charter schools in Kentucky in 2017 and later, in 2022, led efforts to enact legislation providing a funding mechanism for public charter schools.

Successfully lobbied for more than $150 million in additional reimbursement funds to certain health care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Secured millions of dollars in state budget line-items on behalf of multiple clients supporting infrastructure improvements and general operating expenses.

Successfully shepherded legislation establishing the nation’s first insurance regulatory sandbox, allowing the Kentucky Department of Insurance to temporarily suspend regulations and laws standing in the way of promising insurance innovation.

Led efforts to deliver the first local government public-private partnership following adoption of Kentucky’s P3 law in 2016.

Other Info About Steve

Work History

Prior Work Experience

Chairman and Executive Director of the Republican Party of Kentucky

  • Chair of State Chairmen’s Advisory Committee of the Republican National Committee

Commissioner, Governor’s Office for Local Development

  • Chairman, Kentucky Infrastructure Authority
  • Kentucky’s representative on the Appalachian Regional Commission and the Delta Regional Authority
  • Ex Officio Member of the Kentucky Housing Corporation

Legislative Political Director for the Republican National Committee covering 11 southeastern states

Legislative Analyst for the Kentucky State Senate


Undergraduate School

University of Kentucky, Political Science, 1994


Steve was invited to speak at the following events:

Interview, 2019 General Election Coverage, PBS, November 2019

Interview, National and State Politics, PBS, July 2017

Interview, Political Trends in the 2016 Election, PBS, November 2016

Interview, 2015 Kentucky Elections, PBS, March 2015

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