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Frost Brown Todd (FBT) will now accept bitcoin as payment for legal fees. “Given our rapidly expanding blockchain and digital currency practice, this move demonstrates the firm’s commitment to our clients working at the cutting edge of technology,” said FBT’s Chairman John R. Crockett, III.

FBT’s multidisciplinary team has advised clients launching initial coin offerings of new digital tokens and establishing hedge funds specializing in this new asset class. Additionally, the firm’s blockchain and digital currency group continues to counsel companies as the regulatory environment races to keep pace with technological innovation. 

“Our clients are excited that we are willing to adapt with them,” said Joshua S. Rosenblatt, co-chair of the firm’s Blockchain and Digital Currency practice group.

“While we may be one of the earliest movers among law firms in Middle America, I’m confident that other service providers across a range of industries will be following our lead and accepting bitcoin and other digital currencies as payment,” Rosenblatt said.