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    Frost Brown Todd Dallas Attorney Bryan Rose Receives Unanimous Verdict in Aircraft Manufacturing Case

It took a jury two hours to determine that a family-owned business was not responsible for an agriculture aircraft accident. The verdict for defendant Turbines Inc., represented by Frost Brown Todd Dallas Member Bryan P. Rose, was unanimous. The plaintiff, Williams AG Service Inc., claimed Turbines, Inc. improperly installed its engine conversion kit leading to an engine failure on takeoff and filed claims for breach of contract, breach of warranty and negligence seeking more than $455,000 in damages. On behalf of the defendant, Rose successfully proved the kit had been installed correctly, that the plaintiff had modified the aircraft shortly before the accident which was nearly a year after Turbines Inc. completed the install. The jury also agreed that the engine failure was wholly unrelated to Turbines’ kit or installation. The case was tried in the Superior Court of California, County of Butte.

“Aviation cases are always challenging – they involve complex and sophisticated machines in a heavily regulated industry where mistakes can have catastrophic consequences,” says Rose. “My job is to educate the jury, and the Court, so that they can focus on the facts, put aside the mystery and any potential fears of flight, and return a verdict based on science and the evidence, not emotion. In this case, the jury followed the science and evidence, concluding that Turbines had done nothing to contribute to the accident.”

“Bryan’s knowledge of the facts and his presentation to the jury were exceptional,” says Turbines, Inc. Owner and President Peg Mills. His personal commitment to understanding our business and its products and services is what sets him apart in my mind.”

Rose is a private pilot who represents aviation-focused businesses, including original equipment manufacturers, component manufacturers, operators and Part 145 repair stations, like Turbines, Inc., in all manners of litigation across the country. Based in Terre Haute, Ind., Turbines Inc. provides a variety of services to agriculture, charter and corporate aircraft, including PT6 engine repair and overhaul, hot section inspections, prop strikes, and unscheduled inspections.