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Chain link fencing alongside a brick school building.

Lessons Learned from the Oxford High School Shooting

May 19, 2022 11:00 am EST Free Webinar

Join two of the top national experts on school safety for a school safety update. Former Deputy Secretary of Education General Mick Zais and former Senior Advisor/Counsel to the Secretary of Education Tom Wheeler, leaders of the Federal Commission on School Safety, will discuss top trends in school safety, including student mental health, the risks of depolicing schools, FERPA issues and the sharing of information between law enforcement and educators, and the use of multidisciplinary threat assessment teams.

Our speakers will analyze these issues within the context of the Oxford, Michigan, high school shooting, the deadliest shooting since the Federal Commission issued its report in 2018. They will highlight actions by school administrators that allegedly enabled a student to kill four students and injure seven others and will distill a series of lessons learned from the tragedy to improve school safety.

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  • Government Services

    Thomas E. Wheeler

    Member | Frost Brown Todd | Indianapolis, IN

    Tom is a member of Frost Brown Todd and has spent the last 35 years representing law enforcement and schools throughout the United States. Tom’s prior federal service includes working as the Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the United States Department of Justice, Senior Adviser to the White House Federal Commission on School Safety, and Senior Counsel to the Secretary of Education.
  • Government Relations

    Mick Zais

    Principal | CivicPoint | Washington, D.C.

    Mick has lived a lifetime of public service, with a record of success in multiple, diverse organizations: political, government, academic, and military. As Deputy US Secretary of Education and as the South Carolina State Superintendent of education, he visited over 300 schools in 19 states.

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