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Frost Brown Todd’s 6th Annual School Law Seminar – Cloud Computing for School Districts

September 10, 2015

We invite you to attend Frost Brown Todd’s annual school law seminar on September 10, 2015. As many of you know, we generally use this seminar to bring our clients up to speed on legal developments in a variety of areas.  However, the use of cloud computing technology by school districts has raised significant legal questions and has received substantial attention from the U.S. Department of Education. The Department of Education will expect school districts to address these issues appropriately.

Accordingly, this seminar will focus exclusively on cloud computing issues. Cloud computing is an exciting advancement in technology and is becoming more integrated with school operations. But cloud computing poses unique challenges for school districts, specifically with regard to student privacy, public records law and data security. This seminar will include presentations by experienced Frost Brown Todd attorneys covering the following topics:

  • Overview of Relevant Law
  • Different Approaches to Cloud Computing and Devices
  • What Issues School Districts Must Know
  • District-Wide Data Breaches
  • Best Practices
  • Contract Language: How Can School Districts Protect Themselves
  • What Policies School Districts Need

This seminar will benefit all school administrators – including superintendents, treasurers, IT administrators, principals and other administrators. The seminar will address all issues regarding cloud computing including negotiating agreements, determining school policies and implementing technology. There will be practical training for administrators who encounter this technology on a day-to-day basis. The information provided will be critical for school administrators who work with or supervise teachers who work with cloud technology.

The seminar will be conducted by attorneys Joe Scholler, Tom Allen , Alex Ewing, Milton Sutton, Melissa Kern and Jack Hemenway.

Frost Brown Todd is proud to host this seminar in conjunction with the Butler County Educational Service Center.

The seminar is free of charge.  Please RSVP or email Beth Everage at today!