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Blockchain beyond Bitcoin and Imported Privacy Rights, from California to the GDPR

October 01, 2018

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Jane Shea and Melissa Kern will provide an overview of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. They will discuss what the law is, as well as the law’s territorial scope and its impact on U.S. businesses. They will outline the individual data subject’s rights, the business’s responsibilities, the penalties and enforcement mechanisms, and share their experience in assisting clients with their compliance efforts.

Matt Schantz and William Morriss will discuss how, while blockchain technology is generally associated with Bitcoin and similar distributed ledger-based cryptocurrencies, it has advanced well beyond those cryptocurrency beginnings and is being applied to support innovative business models in fields from digital advertising to supply chain management. Their presentation will discuss new applications of blockchain technology and how it may be possible to manage both technical and business risk when taking advantage of these new applications in light of lessons learned from problems with blockchain systems in the past.