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A.I. is Surging: Are We Ready for the Fallout?

November 14, 2017

A.I. is Surging: Are We Ready for the Fallout? Event Flyer

Join us for an hour-long conversation exploring the increased use of artificial intelligence in the workplace and in our personal spheres, the privacy considerations for the data collection capabilities of A.I., and the question of who is liable should something go wrong.

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About fbtTECH

Technology has progressed beyond being a mere part of life to become a major, indispensable centerpiece of life. Virtually every business transaction, from purchasing to sales, from communications to operations, from record keeping to product development is touched, if not outright controlled, by technology. Even organizations that consider themselves to be “low tech” are increasingly impacted by tech-related issues. Adding to the challenge, the pace of technological change is constantly accelerating. New ideas move from the mind to mainstream in a matter of months. Issues that didn’t even exist a few years ago are now posing major threats to organizations of every size and type.

Attorneys with specific experience were assembled to protect and guide our clients from the challenges they face today, but even more importantly, to prepare our clients for tomorrow. Our fbtTECH team brings together a wide range of knowledge through a multidisciplinary team, which enables us to successfully manage issues as they grow and change. Our focus is on the future and anticipating the ways in which technology will further impact the legal system and the issues facing our clients.

Click HERE to register for the A.I. webinar.