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2016 Mid-Year Legal Update: KY Labor, Cyber Security & Affordable Care Act

June 14, 2016

Join Us for a Mid-Year Legal Update

This seminar will address must-know topics for businesses in Northern Kentucky with insights provided by Cabinet Secretaries Vickie Yates Brown Glissen and Derrick Ramsey.

Kentucky Labor Law: The seminar will begin with an overview of streamlining and modernizing Labor Cabinet functions and efforts to reform Kentucky labor laws that differ substantially from federal law and impose confusing, often inconsistent, mandates upon employers.

Cyber Security: We will also cover the ever-growing threat to businesses resulting from data breaches and the potential legal consequences of not protecting your information.

Health Care: Finally, we will end the seminar with a review of the current status of the Affordable Care Act, the mandate for universal health insurance coverage and review the current status of the expansion of the Medicaid program in Kentucky and the potential unwinding of kynect.

Speakers: Derrick Ramsey, Kentucky Labor Cabinet Secretary Vickie Yates Brown Glissen, Kentucky Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services Brian Ruschman, Vice President, C-Forward James A. Dietz, Member, Frost Brown Todd Robert Hudson, Member, Frost Brown Todd Michael E. Nitardy, Member, Frost Brown Todd