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    Data Privacy Detective Podcast – Episode 94: Cryptography and Data Privacy

Cryptography comes from the ancient Greek word “cryptos,” meaning “hidden” or “secret.”

Encryption is a cybersecurity pillar, a key defense against invasion of our privacy. But it may be underappreciated in practice. Tune in to learn about the growing need for encryption technology to combat the rising tide of cyber-attacks. A recent report by the Port of Los Angeles to the FBI indicated that it suffers from over one million cyber-attacks per day.

Dan Draper, CEO and Founder of CipherStash, explains from his home in Sydney, Australia the role of cryptography in protecting sensitive personal and other information. Dan’s company provides a data storage platform for sensitive data that uses searchable encryption technology to protect against attacks. Dan discusses how encryption protects personal data and how traditional databases are vulnerable to hacking and other risks. Learn why cryptography is becoming increasingly crucial in guarding data privacy and why Dan is optimistic about the use of encryption even as the age of quantum computing dawns.

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