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TikTok built a global platform sharing short videos of wild and wonderful doings of people, animals, and things. It is the first Chinese-owned company to create a global base of more than a billion users. What are the risks to personal data privacy from TikTok? How can regular users and influencers protect their personal privacy while using TikTok? How different are the TikTok risks from those of other social media companies that are not owned in part by the Chinese Government?

Our guest is Ben Kunde, a Certified Fraud Examiner who leads the international investigations practice at Interfor. Starting with a tragic story about a 13-year-old girl who amassed a million fans that included a demented stalker, Ben discusses prudent privacy measures individuals can take to enjoy a platform’s offerings without needlessly sharing personal data. We also consider controls a country can take when a foreign-owned media giant creates risks to minors and others and what reasonable measures can apply in a world of global data and commerce.

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