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    Data Privacy Detective Podcast – Episode 81: Quantum Computing and Data Privacy

Does a Privacy Apocalypse Draw Near?

Quantum computing – some view its emergence as heralding the end of data privacy. It threatens to penetrate encryption used in conventional computing to give hackers ready access to digital data. What will quantum computing mean for our privacy and the digital world? And what can we do to defend against its perils?

Our guest is Ken Morris, CEO of KnectIQ, a company that provides beyond military-grade identity, authentication, access, and data protection solutions for highly sensitive environments. KnectIQ: ZeroTrust based identity, access & data protection. Explore the meaning of quantum computing – its promise, timing, and limitations, as well as the defenses against attackers who will harness it to steal and misuse our data. Learn the two schools of thought about defenses to data theft when quantum computing empowers bad actors as never before.

This podcast will force you to rethink cryptography as the sole defense against data loss. Learn how we can better protect data by dealing directly with the infrastructure of data storage and transfer and eliminating the fundamental problem. Tune in for an introduction to the coming age of quantum computing and how individuals, businesses and governments can protect personal and other data from misappropriation.


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