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    Data Privacy Detective Podcast – Episode 110: Dutch Treatment: The Netherlands & Tech Giants

Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook incur huge Euro fines from European Union data privacy authorities. This is a “stick” approach, perhaps more like a “club,” of forcing EU rules upon global companies, aiming to force tech giants to change data privacy policies and practices to GDPR’s strict demands.

Enter the Netherlands – with a different way of achieving changes in privacy practices through a joint approach. A January 23, 2023 New York Times article by Natasha Singer highlighted the Dutch carrot and teamwork way of getting companies to embrace EU rules without first resort to financial penalties. This podcast considers how the Dutch treatment – an audit and negotiation approach – offers a successful means of boosting personal privacy through collaborative solutions. Tune in for a refreshing example of how data privacy authorities and technology giants can work together to achieve common personal data privacy goals.

New York Times article – How the Netherlands Is Taming Big Tech (Jan 18, 2023) by Natasha Singer

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