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On Dec. 21, 2018, Governor Kasich signed House Bill 500 (“Bill”) into law, enacting a number of important statutory amendments impacting Ohio townships. The Bill will become effective March 21, 2019. Notable amendments that will go into effect include:

  • R.C. 507.11: “The board of township trustees may authorize…township officers and employees to incur obligations of $10,000 or less on behalf of the township” (up from $2,500).
  • R.C. 519.04 and 519.13: If a member of the township zoning commission or board of zoning appeals is removed for nonperformance or misconduct, a public hearing must be held within 60 days after the charges are filed against the member. By a majority vote of the board of township trustees, the member may be suspended from participating as a board member during the period between the charges being filed and the public hearing. Such suspension does not constitute a “vacancy” on the zoning commission or board of zoning appeals.
  • R.C. 519.07 and 519.12: Zoning commissions in townships that adopt a limited home rule government are not required to submit proposed zoning resolutions or amendments to zoning resolutions to the county or regional planning commission for approval, disapproval or suggestions.
  • R.C. 519.15: The statute was revised to explicitly permit the board of township trustees to require an individual making an appeal to the board of zoning appeals to pay a fee to offset the cost of advertising, mailings and other expenses associated with the appeal.• R.C. 5553.04: A board of county commissioners shall not adopt a resolution to vacate a public township road unless the board of trustees adopts a resolution approving the vacation.