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In the latest installment of FBT D.C., Frost Brown Todd’s inside-the-Beltway look at the issues of the day, we’ve convened an expert panel to discuss the much-anticipated Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, its key provisions and programs, and the industries poised to see the greatest impact from the $1 trillion in unused, reauthorized, and new spending now up for grabs. Watch part two of FBT D.C. and learn how businesses can take advantage of this historic opportunity.

360° Look at the Infrastructure Bill – Episode 2 | FBT D.C

This video was created for general informational purposes only as of the time of its creation and does not constitute legal advice, the formation of an attorney client relationship, or a solicitation to provide legal services.

Topics Covered 

  • Key provisions and programs
  • Infrastructure broadly defined
  • Energy innovation and grid support
  • Planes, trains and automobiles
  • Construction bidding
  • Public-private partnerships (P3s)

Read our summary of the funding opportunities and the specific industries targeted under this groundbreaking new law.

For updates on the implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and how to take advantage of its historic spending for infrastructure improvement and expansion, contact Jonathan Miller (Government Services, Manufacturing); Nolan Jackson (Manufacturing); Tom Gabelman (Construction, Public-Private Partnerships); Kelly Schulz (Mobility & Transportation, Logistics); or Warren Hoffman (Energy, Renewables).

In case you missed it, watch the the first episode of FBT D.C., What Will Joe Do?, moderated by our Washington, D.C. Member-in-Charge, Jonathan Miller, with special guests Carte Goodwin, Trey Grayson, and Debra Maggart.