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  • MacKenzie B. Newberry Profile Image
    MacKenzie B. Newberry


    Columbus, OH

  • Bill Purcell Profile Image
    Bill Purcell


    Nashville, TN

  • Jwayyed S. (J.J.) Jwayyed Profile Image
    Jwayyed S. (J.J.) Jwayyed


    Columbus, OH

  • Zenobia Harris Bivens Profile Image
    Zenobia Harris Bivens

    Office Member-in-Charge

    Houston, TX

  • Christopher D. Thomas, Ph.D. Profile Image
    Christopher D. Thomas, Ph.D.


    Columbus, OH

  • Steve Robertson Profile Image
    Steve Robertson

    Government Relations Principal

    Lexington, KY

  • William (Will) Marshall Swann Profile Image
    William (Will) Marshall Swann

    Senior Associate

    Charleston, WV

  • Jon M. Zarich Profile Image
    Jon M. Zarich

    Managing Associate

    Indianapolis, IN

  • Beau F. Zoeller Profile Image
    Beau F. Zoeller


    Louisville, KY

    Indianapolis, IN

  • Patrick Woodside Profile Image
    Patrick Woodside


    Cincinnati, OH

  • William O. Williams II Profile Image
    William O. Williams II

    Practice Group Leader

    Indianapolis, IN

  • Thomas E. Wheeler, II Profile Image
    Thomas E. Wheeler, II


    Indianapolis, IN

    Washington, D.C.