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  • Amy Condaras Profile Image
    Amy Condaras


    Charleston, WV

  • Emily Tanji Profile Image
    Emily Tanji


    Cincinnati, OH

  • Ashley N. Ramm Profile Image
    Ashley N. Ramm


    Cincinnati, OH

  • Gwendolyn (Gwen) C. Sutton Profile Image
    Gwendolyn (Gwen) C. Sutton


    Cincinnati, OH

  • Gregory S. Shumate Profile Image
    Gregory S. Shumate

    Office Member-in-Charge

    Florence, KY

  • Ericson P. Kimbel Profile Image
    Ericson P. Kimbel


    Pittsburgh, PA

    Dallas, TX

  • Alison Pregliasco Howard Profile Image
    Alison Pregliasco Howard

    Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) Attorney

    Louisville, KY

  • Douglas A. Gastright Profile Image
    Douglas A. Gastright

    Senior Associate

    Cincinnati, OH