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Supply Chain Management

No supply chain is immune to breaks — here’s how to strengthen yours.

Breakdowns in the global automotive supply chain are inevitable — from distressed suppliers to customs seizing parts at port. We’re skilled at helping OEMs and suppliers in times of crisis and equally skilled at mitigating risks and preventing crises from ever occurring. Our team includes lead outside counsel and former in-house attorneys for domestic and foreign OEMs, ensuring that there’s no learning curve for us when it’s time to negotiate deals between suppliers and OEMs.

We work with OEMs and suppliers to clearly communicate each party’s expectations to avoid conflicts and disputes in ways that, in turn, can clearly be communicated with other parties and departments. Our experience representing major players in purchasing, design, development or even the part-approval process allows us to quickly negotiate and draft terms and conditions as well as sourcing, tooling, confidentiality and exit agreements.

In addition, our team helps clients conduct facility audits to identify operational inefficiencies and develop detailed action plans to prevent red flags from becoming three-alarm fires. Whether it’s an OEM gauging the strength of its supplier network, or a supplier looking to identify weak links, our audits significantly curb risks up and down the supply chain.

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