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State & Local Tax

Experience adds up in tax strategies.

Income. Franchise. Federal. Real property. Tangible. Intangible. Sales and use. Excise. Motor vehicle. Fuel. Taxes in the auto industry come in many forms and quickly add up if not managed strategically. We work with suppliers and OEMs to ensure that tax considerations inform each and every business decision they make. We focus on providing solutions for our clients’ immediate tax needs as well as on proactive measures that will give them a degree of certainty with respect to long-term tax planning.

In addition to structuring and planning transactions, we help clients take advantage of government incentives and tax credits; collaborate with government relations firms to arrange off-the-books rulings and accommodations; and represent taxpayers in court during traditional audit defense, valuation disputes and other issues. On an international basis, numerous OEMs and suppliers have sought our counsel because we understand their cultural practices and can help them develop legally sound tax structures for reducing their tax burdens.

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