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Connected Car Technology

Helping clients innovate as technology accelerates.

Today’s cars are more connected than ever, making contracts between OEMs, vendors and suppliers that much more complex. And while existing laws have yet to catch up to the technology, deep experience is essential to navigating this next frontier. Our experienced team works with all the key players in the auto space to mitigate risks, maximize opportunity and fully deliver on their enterprise technology initiatives.

This includes helping SaaS and PaaS companies and suppliers identify ways to monetize their new technologies, including how to package these services and whether to sell directly to OEMs or work with Tier suppliers. We also make introductions to cutting-edge software or platform developers and work with clients to successfully integrate new technologies into the existing infrastructure or supply chain.

What sets our team apart is that we take a holistic view of all parties involved — and how they fit into the larger automotive supply chain — when drafting contracts based on current contracting principles as well as to address the regulatory overlay for this new, more connected landscape.

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