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Automotive Antitrust

High stakes require highly knowledgeable representation.

Our attorneys bring deep industry knowledge to the world of antitrust law, where there are few black-and-white rules that can be equally applied to different situations. We have represented clients up and down the supply chain on everything from price fixing and price discrimination to market allocation and monopolization. Our years of automotive experience translate to sophisticated business analysis.

From products to strategies and market dynamics, we know how automotive companies compete. We help our clients compete while mitigating the risks of antitrust violations, which can carry hefty fines and — in offenses like price fixing — jail time. We work with companies to minimize the risk of antitrust litigation before entering into agreements, or proactively develop antitrust compliance programs to protect against future monopolization, tying and exclusive dealing lawsuits.

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    Matthew C. Blickensderfer

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    Cincinnati, OH